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Salesforce approaches dissatisfied OpenAI staff with job offerings

Salesforce approaches dissatisfied OpenAI staff with job offerings

Salesforce wants to take advantage of the crisis at OpenAI. It is not ashamed of that, as the company’s CEO simply posts the job offer on social media platform X.

OpenAI managed to turn about all of its workforce against itself in one move during the past weekend. That, of course, is the result of CEO Sam Altman’s sudden firing. In response, the company’s employees are demanding the resignation of the entire board of directors in an open letter. Further, they demand that Altman take back his position in the company, or the signatories of the letter will no longer remain at OpenAI.

Salesforce lurking

The letter has also attracted the interest of Salesforce, which, like other IT companies, has been betting even more heavily on AI since this year than before. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, posted a message on X for OpenAI’s disgruntled staff. In it, he promises compensation for any employee who wishes to leave OpenAI to transfer to the Salesforce Einstein Trusted AI research team.

This gives the possibly departing OpenAI staff even more job certainty, as they also already received the news that Microsoft is eager to welcome all the AI company’s talent who wish to resign. The Windows builder is also the largest investor in OpenAI and will be happy to keep the knowledge and talent involved with the organization. Sam Altman already got a new job in the company, along with Greg Brockman, also a co-founder of OpenAI, who also got fired over the weekend.

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