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Snowflake launches new partnership with Nvidia to build AI apps

Snowflake launches new partnership with Nvidia to build AI apps

Snowflake’s combination with Nvidia means that custom models are better equipped with comprehensive enterprise data to make responses as accurate as possible.

The two partners accomplish this by integrating the Nvidia AI Enterprise software platform with Snowflake Cortex AI. This Snowflake service analyzes text data and can be used to build AI applications. “Together, we are unlocking a new era of AI where customers from every industry and every skill level can build custom AI applications on their enterprise data with ease, efficiency, and trust,” said Snowflake CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy.

Specifically, Cortex AI uses the Nvidia AI Enterprise microservice NeMo Retriever. NeMo frameworks are designed to build, customize, and deploy generative AI. NeMo Retriever focuses, in particular, on RAG capabilities. It is a semantic-retrieval microservice that lets AI applications provide more accurate responses via Nvidia-optimized algorithms. Developers can use it to connect the apps to enterprise data in clouds and data centers.

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In addition, Cortex AI will now leverage Triton Inference Server, the Nvidia software for standardizing model deployment. The collaboration with this Nvidia AI Enterprise component allows AI inference to deploy, run and scale for any application on any platform.

Nvidia NIM inference microservices is the last component that will work better with Snowflake. This will allow Nvidia-built AI containers to be deployed directly into Snowflake as a native app powered by Snowpark Container Services. This app supports deploying foundation models in the Data Cloud.

Collaboration regarding Arctic-LLM

Snowflake and Nvidia will also further collaborate around LLM Arctic. This model was introduced by Snowflake in April this year and mainly supports development work. Nvidia will now offer Arctic as an NIM microservice, giving developers quick access to Snowflake’s new model through the Nvidia API catalog.

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