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Siemens has introduced the latest version of its NX software. The new version has been extended with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Among other things, the new features should improve the user interface.

NX is an integrated toolset with design, simulation and production solutions. The new user interface can now automatically adapt to the needs of different types of users from different departments. According to the company itself, this results in a higher adoption rate.

Machine learning

A higher quality computer-aided technology (CAx) system has also been realised. The NX software should help companies to design more robust digital twins. This has been achieved through machine learning and AI.

According to Siemens, machine learning is increasingly being used in the product design process in order to stay ahead of competitors in the market. It can provide valuable business insights quickly and efficiently, as well as process, analyze and learn from large amounts of data. Like AI, machine learning can also be used to follow the actions of users, so that the right NX commands are given and the CAx environment can be personalised for each user.

“In CAD applications, additional functionalities are often at the expense of user-friendliness. The more extensive a program becomes, the more difficult it is to use,” says Chad Jackson, chief analyst at Lifecycle Insights. The interface in NX should provide a solution for this, because according to Jackson it sends both new and familiar users to the right functionality at the right time.

Digital twins

Customers say they can also create the most comprehensive digital twins and production environment, thanks to the continuous expansion of the Siemens Digital Innovation Platform. Integrating machine learning and AI in the NX software also provides speed, power, efficiency and intelligence without the need for explicit programming of features.

This should improve the design process, and thus ultimately the entire product range. It should also shorten the time to market.

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