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Automation Anywhere and Oracle work together on intelligent automation

Automation Anywhere and Oracle work together on intelligent automation

Automation Anywhere and Oracle Integration Cloud have announced that they will work together to accelerate intelligent automation and enable the adoption of the artificial intelligence driven software bots in the Integration Cloud.

Automation Anywhere is a company that focuses on Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The company’s RPA intelligence platform should enable Oracle Integration Cloud customers to automate complex business processes so they can focus on more valuable work and increase organizational efficiency.

According to Vikas Anand, vice president of Product Management at Oracle Integration Cloud, business processes are often slow and inflexible. But with the collaboration of the software bots and the pre-built application integration of his company, the demand for human intervention is “significantly lower and the intelligent automation of processes is accelerated,” says Anand.


The cooperation consists of several parts. For example, the enterprise RPA platform connector for the Integration Cloud will become available. In addition, Oracle customers will have access to the software bots of Automation Anywhere, and the two companies are working together on additional bot creation specifically for Oracle, which should be available in the Automation Anywhere Bot Store.

Oracle already has a significant presence in the Bot Store. According to Automation Anywhere, the Bot Store is the first online marketplace for pre-configured, downloadable RPA bots. Currently, there are already bots for backing up an Oracle database, restoring a mySQL database and adding vendors and new customers in ERP Cloud. There are also bots to add new employees to HCM Cloud.

Peter Meechan, Chief Corporate Development Officer at Automation Anywhere, states that the two companies are determined to accelerate intelligent process automation, seamless application integrations and bot creation, to improve business processes. “A large part of our customer base uses Oracle on a daily basis. Running our bots in the Integration Cloud is going to help them increase productivity and time to value.”

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