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IBM is introducing a solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to increase conversion and customer engagement in advertising campaigns. IBM Watson will be used for Advertising Accelerator, a solution that should save analytics teams a lot of time.

Watson automatically creates campaigns for specific target audiences for the solution, using predictive AI models. The models should also help advertisers better understand customer preferences.

Advertising Accelerator tries to find an optimal mix of creative content, while at the same time discovering new target audiences. This is done based on the operation of different messages. The solution analyses each campaign from the point of view of the audience, but also from the point of view of the marketers. From this, an insight into the highest and lowest performing content then rolls out. In addition, Advertising Accelerator continuously learns from previous projects and implementations in order to improve the recommendations in the future.

“Ad targeting enables marketers to identify core customers, who are often over-served with messages that don’t drive immediate action,” said IBM Watson Advertising Revenue Head Jeremy Hlavacek. “Advertising Accelerator with Watson addresses this challenge head-on, arming clients with IBM Watson to help them better engage and understand their target audience.”

Watson Advertising Suite

VentureBeat reports that Advertising Accelerator is the latest addition to the Watson Advertising suite. This suite stems from the advertising and sales division of the Weather Company, which was acquired by IBM in 2016. In June, a do-it-yourself advertising tool was unveiled, in which AI was used to generate conversations. Earlier, in October 2018, three new marketing solutions using IBM Watson were launched already.