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Amazon tests AI customer service in webshop

Amazon tests AI customer service in webshop

With millions of customers on Amazon.com, it’s not surprising that AWS invests heavily in AI technology to make it easier to offer services to customers. At Amazon.com, two AI-supported service assistants are currently being tested to see whether AI can also be used efficiently for this purpose.

One of the tested programs is an AI that answers customer questions without any human interaction. A second program serves as support for human service, so that the process of helping customers runs smoother.

For the first AI, it is still a matter of training before more can be done. Questions that cannot be answered by the program will be forwarded to an actual human service agent. To get that done, Amazon had to say goodbye to the current system, in which only specific answers to specific questions were presented to customers.

According to Amazon, the new system with AI is significantly more efficient than its predecessor, especially if two specific criteria are considered: whether it is necessary to forward a customer’s question to a human assistant and whether a customer contacts the service desk again within 24 hours. In both cases, the AI performs significantly better.