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Dell’s customers who want to leverage data at the edge can do so with new tools. The first release is for the Dell EMC Streaming Data Platforms, aimed at organizations that need help with storage and processing streaming data from edge devices.

More data will be generated at the edge. Gartner surveys agree with this assessment, saying that 75% of enterprise data will be created and processed outside data centres and the cloud by 2025.

The problem Dell wants to address

By 2024, IDC estimates that the number of apps running on the edge will increase by up to eight times. In most cases, new applications are being created to cater to specific use cases.

Varun Chhabra, from Dell, said that the company believes the edge is the next frontier in digital transformation. More and more resources are being moved out to the edge. It is a massive opportunity that our customers are looking to the company to provide.

The Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform was designed specifically to handle the growing amount of data coming out of edge devices.

A unified solution

Chhabra notes that the data has different characteristics, compared to the traditional enterprise data. The platform can handle streams of data from tens of thousands and even millions of devices on the edge.

The data is ingested by that one platform, regardless of type or source, and transformed into unified data that is easy to implement and manage. The unified platform can handle real-time as well as batch and historical analytics.

Most of the tools are aimed at reducing time spent, resources wasted, and take full advantage of the edge.

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