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AutoSQL, Watson Orchestrate, CodeNet enterprise are among the new solutions Big Blue presented at their Think Conference this week.

IBM announced advances in artificial intelligence (AI), hybrid cloud, and quantum computing at the company’s Think conference this week. The company says these innovations highlight IBM’s role in helping its clients and partners accelerate their digital transformations. They aim to help people “build strategic ecosystems that can drive better business outcomes,” according to the company.

“We will look back on this year and last as the moment the world entered the digital century in full force,” said IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna.

“In the same way that we electrified factories and machines in the past century, we will use hybrid cloud to infuse AI into software and systems in the 21st century. And one thing is certain: this is a future that must be built on a foundation of deep industry collaboration.

IBM is “all-in on hybrid cloud and AI”

Watson Orchestrate is the main player in the new launch. The tool aims to increase personal productivity in sales, human resources and operations. Watson Orchestrate uses AI to select and sequence pre-packaged skills to complete a task. The product integrates with tools like Slack, email, Salesforce, SAP and Workday. It helps these to complete routine tasks including approvals and scheduling meetings. Watson Integrate is in preview in IBM Automation Cloud Paks with general availability later in 2021.

IBM say they are “all-in on hybrid cloud and AI. This is “because we understand that businesses need a clear and credible path to modernizing their mission-critical systems.”

Indeed, a new IBM study on the adoption of AI for business reveals that the imperative to embed AI into business processes became more urgent during the pandemic. Big Blue wants to meet that exigency with these new AI tools.