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Tableau has been integrated with more artificial intelligence in its platform to broaden the base of people, skill levels, and roles able to use analytics. The augmented analytics functions in Tableau 2021.2 include improvements to the Ask Data feature, which now comes with personalized experiences.

Explain Data has a new user interface and natural language search tools, as well as reporting integrations with Salesforce. Salesforce has announced that it is increasingly selling Tableau with its core cloud offerings.

What’s new in Tableau?

Some of the key functions found in Tableau’s newest release include:

  • Ask Data, which can be used by people with varying skills to answer business questions in natural language and give tools that guide users on how to ask relevant questions. There are personalized dashboards too, with Ask Data made available to all roles and users for Tableau Online and Tableau Server.
  • Explain Data comes with a new UI design to target a wider audience by highlighting the drivers behind a data point. Explain Data will find explanations in a data source, beyond what is visualized.
  • Ask Data for Salesforce will enable Salesforce users to ask any question in Tableau CRM, using natural language and semantic searches. The answers will show up as insights, reports, and recommendations for dashboards.
  • Einstein Discovery for Salesforce Reports will analyze data from Salesforce reports and surface insights with accompanying explanations and charts.

The Chief Product Officer at Tableau, Francois Ajenstat, said that the new tools are aimed at enhancing data democracy through the creation of an analytics-driven culture. He cited customers like Jaguar Land Rover, which scaled Tableau deployments to 70% of the business in 9 months after the CEO requested that all board reporting happen on Tableau.