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Windows 7 recovery discs may not work after recent Windows updates

Windows 7 recovery discs may not work after recent Windows updates

If you choose to restore your PC using a physical disc, such as a CD or DVD, you may encounter an issue. Any PC running a Windows update after January 11, 2022, will not be able to utilize a recovery disc prepared with the Back and Restore (Windows 7) tool in Control Panel, according to a Microsoft support article.

Microsoft stated that recovery discs (CD or DVD) produced using the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) tool in Control Panel may be challenging to start upon installing the Windows updates issued on January 11, 2022, or subsequent Windows versions on an impacted version of Windows.

Updates before January 11 are unaffected

Microsoft added that recovery CDs generated with the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) software for machines with Windows updates updated before January 11, 2022, are unaffected by this vulnerability and should boot normally.

Even though the Backup and Restore software has Windows 7 in its name, it also works with Windows 11. The app is a component in the restoration process described by Redmond.

According to Microsoft’s support document, the latest Windows upgrades block recovery CDs from operating.

A fix is coming

Microsoft said it is working on a repair and that an update will be released soon. According to the software giant, no third-party or recovery apps are affected by this issue, and as such, those specific recovery discs are protected from the flaw.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is still working on Windows 11 to make it as palatable as possible, with minor and significant additions and removals. For instance, the drag and drop action of putting apps on the taskbar is not working, but the company said it would restore the functionality in version 22H2.

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