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Users of the Microsoft 365 insider program will get access to Gmail on the new Outlook app. The support also includes integration of the Google Calendar feature.

Insider users of the Outlook app on Windows have been able to switch to the updated version for some time. Those not keen on the new design have the ability to switch right back to the classic version of the application with the simple use of a toggle.

Microsoft and Google’s e-mail services differ slightly, so the integration is not entirely obvious. For example, whereas Outlook uses folders to organize e-mails, Gmail users label messages individually. The labelled messages are not immediately given separate folders in Outlook. The clarity of the Gmail inbox, therefore, won’t necessarily survive the transition to Microsoft’s app unscathed, or at least not without workarounds.

Microsoft has gradually introduced the preview version of the new Outlook app in 2022. At the time, we expected Gmail support shortly, but so it has taken a while.

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