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Sony’s chip division has invested in Raspberry Pi. Sony wants to give developers better access to (proprietary) edge AI tools in the process.

The investment by Sony’s chip division, the amount of which was not disclosed, is intended to give developers of the Raspberry Pi platform greater access to AI tools in edge environments. More specifically, Sony wants access to the large community that uses and further develops Raspberry Pi computers.

The Raspberry Pi computer is a widely used platform for developing IoT solutions located at the edge of enterprise networks.

Integration with AITRIOS

Part of Sony’s closer commitment to the Raspberry Pi platform is the arrival of edge AI sensor platform AITRIOS to the minicomputer. This is a development platform for AI models that run on data from smart cameras and other sensors in edge and low power environments, among other things.

Among other things, AITRIOS ensures that the large amounts of data generated by these cameras and sensors are processed on-site and not in a (remote) cloud environment. This reduces latency and makes it easier to put the data into AI models. It also makes it easier to give AI functionality to cameras and sensors.

New edge applications

More specifically, Sony says that the integration of AITRIOS should give developers in different market segments more opportunities for powerful edge AI capabilities.

Ultimately, this should create new and promising AI-based edge applications.

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