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Raspberry Pi won’t release a new iteration next year, CEO Eben Upton said in conversation with ExplainingComputers. According to the chief executive, the company will use 2023 as a recovery year to get its inventory and supply chain back in order.

Raspberry Pi has had problems shipping its single-board computer systems for more than a year and a half. Most of the stock was depleted by companies, leaving consumers starved of supply. Smaller companies have been particularly frequent customers as of late, CEO Eben Upton indicates in a video interview with ExplainingComputers.

Raspberry Pi wants to use the coming year to get its supply chain back on track. To this end, hundreds of thousands of Raspberry Pi units are being reserved for consumers. Many consumers are expected to be able to purchase systems directly from resellers instead of wasting away on waiting lists.

No new model in 2023

The time spent clearing up the production backlog means that the Raspberry Pi 5 won’t release until after next year. CEO Eben Upton indicates that 2023 will be devoted to logistics. Customers will have to make do with the current portfolio of Pi 3A+, Pi Zero and Pi 4 models. The release date of the next iteration is unknown at the time of writing.

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