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Cloud management company Box is releasing Box AI, which is built on OpenAI technology. The tool deploys generative artificial intelligence on Box Content Cloud to give businesses faster insights into their data.

The company focuses on two new capabilities that Box AI delivers to the platform. Firstly, the tool helps users ask the right questions about their documents to arrive at new insights. In addition, it makes it easier for businesses to create new content on the platform. For example, the AI tool can assemble a well-written text with just a few bullet points.

Box AI uses the large language models (LLMs) developed by OpenAI. The same technology can be found in ChatGPT, Bing’s chat feature, Office 365 and GitHub CoPilot, among others.

Widely applicable

The announcement makes the Box Content Cloud platform the next in a long line of services that have added generative AI to their functionalities in recent months. Ever since the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, service after service has introduced generative AI to help users work more efficiently.

Box chief Aaron Levie argues that LLMs have ushered in a new era for AI. “They’re general-purpose models that are much more broadly applicable. We can turn all of this enterprise content into business value.”

Box’s examples of the possibilities vary widely. For example, sales teams can use it to analyze a complex contract, and analysts can use it to delve into a financial report. This is not the first time a company has marketed an AI tool in this way. Therefore, Deloitte has started a business unit that helps companies extract value from such applications.

Box AI will initially be limited to applicants of the newly announced Box Design Partner Program. However, some AI tools will be made available to all Content Cloud users.

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