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WhatsApp to introduce screen-sharing and usernames

WhatsApp to introduce screen-sharing and usernames

Beta testers are now being treated to screen-sharing capabilities during video chats, allowing them to share their phone screens with others. But that’s not all—WhatsApp is also working on a username feature that could revolutionize how people connect without divulging their phone numbers. So, how will these new functionalities transform your WhatsApp experience?

Screen-sharing has become indispensable for showcasing what’s on your screen, be it on a phone, laptop or desktop. Whether sharing something you saw on the internet, demonstrating a nifty app, or presenting a travel itinerary, screen-sharing adds a new level of engagement and interactivity to conversations.

What to expect when expecting new WhatsApp functionalities

This functionality will be familiar to platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime users. Now, WhatsApp is joining the party. According to WABetaInfo, Android users currently use the screen-sharing feature on the WhatsApp beta app.

If you’re fortunate enough to have access, a new button will appear on the bottom bar of your video call screen. You’ll be prompted to start recording or casting your WhatsApp screen with a simple tap. Select “Start now,” and voila!

You’re seamlessly sharing your screen with your chat partner. If you wish to stop, tapping the same button will do the trick.

WhatsApp is also developing usernames

This feature will allow users to create a unique username for their WhatsApp account, separate from their existing name. It’s akin to the username system employed by Telegram. With a designated username, you can engage in chats without revealing your phone number.

However, it’s worth noting that the username feature is still in its nascent stages and has yet to be available, even to beta testers.

Nevertheless, WABetaInfo suggests it could be a valuable alternative to phone numbers, particularly for privacy-conscious individuals.

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