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WhatsApp is testing group voice chats for up to 32 users

WhatsApp is testing group voice chats for up to 32 users

The latest beta version of WhatsApp on Android has a brand new voice chat feature. Up to 32 people can join a session.

Should the new feature also end up in conventional WhatsApp, Discord and Slack will have a new alternative to contend with that has the same capability. Parent company Meta’s Messenger app also has this option.

A small wavey icon shows that the new feature is available to the beta tester in question. Unlike a standard phone call in WhatsApp, no ringtone goes off. The concept is similar to a chat room in Discord, in that one can dynamically get in and out.

Also end-to-end encrypted

WhatsApp has never been reluctant to emphasize the platform’s end-to-end functionality of chat messages. The same goes for its new voice chats. It recently expanded these privacy-focused options with a Chat Lock capability. It also recently started being able to silence spam calls.

In recent months, many new features have been added to the communications platform at a rapid pace. In late July, for example, it added the option to send embedded video messages.

Its business platform, WhatsApp Business, also has increased its functionality recently.