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Adobe significantly expands Firefly AI for photo editing

Adobe significantly expands Firefly AI for photo editing

Adobe is giving its photo editing software a boost. Among other things, Project Stardust AI has now been presented in beta. The Firefly Image 2 Model has also been announced.

Project Stardust got a sneak peak at the Adobe Max 2023 event taking place this week. The experimental tool runs on an LLM and uses object recognition technology. It allows users to easily delete objects and people in an environment. The tool can also use AI to change backgrounds.

The tool is actually a sort of collection of other AI-based photo editing solutions from Adobe, Firefly, and should make it possible for anyone to use AI tools to edit images.

The solution is now being presented as a sneak peek, which does not yet guarantee that the tool will actually become available at some point.

New Firefly Image 2 Model features

In addition to the sneak peek of Project Stardust, Adobe also announced new features for its generative AI imaging tool Adobe Firefly. The most significant announcement is the introduction of a more powerful Firefly Image 2 Model. This more powerful AI model allows users to create higher-quality images than the original Firefly AI model, according to Adobe.

The tool also now has new Prompt Guidance and Generative Match features that support the operation of this latest underlying AI model.

Adobe is also now introducing a beta version of a Firefly Vector model for Adobe Illustrator. This, according to Adobe, is the first generative AI model for vector graphics. It allows designers to create editable vector graphics via text-based prompts.

Other functionality and availability

Also introduced is Adobe Firefly Design model that allows users to create templates and other features in Adobe Creative Cloud using AI.

The Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model is now accessible through the web-based Adobe Firefly beta and will soon be integrated into the various Adobe Creative Cloud applications. At this time, therefore, the model is not yet available in Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro.

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