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Microsoft OneNote 2016 synchronises again with newer versions

Microsoft OneNote 2016 synchronises again with newer versions

Notes in Microsoft OneNote 2016 crash when notes from newer versions are loaded. A recently released patch for OneNote 2016 fixes this synchronization issue.

The recent KB5002500 update for Microsoft OneNote 2016 fixes a synchronization issue between notes from newer versions of the notes tool and the earlier version. Among other issues, it was found that this problem led to crashes, after which the application would unexpectedly shut itself down.

For Office 2016

To receive the update, users must be running .msi versions of Office 2016. Microsoft OneNote 2016 is part of this particular package. Microsoft 365 users will not receive the update. The update is further available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. After installing the update, you will have to restart your device.

Users can also wait for an upcoming Windows update, in which the specific update will also be added.

Specific problem

This is, again, a very specific problem that only affects users of a particular version. The same was true a few weeks ago with a Wi-Fi connection problem for Windows 11 users who wanted to connect to a business network or the network of an educational institution.

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