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Adobe will expand its video editor Premiere Pro with plugins that allow users to deploy AI video generators such as Sora, Pika and Runway directly from within the program. This integration will make it possible to blend ‘traditionally shot footage with AI-generated content. Adobe has not yet announced when the functionality will become available, although the company is betting on “later this year.

The arrival of the plugins would allow users to use different AI tools side-by-side from within Premiere Pro. According to the company, this development will completely overhaul the way videos are created and provide unprecedented creative opportunities for video production and editing. In a press release, Adobe specifically mentions OpenAI’s Sora, Runway ML’s Gen-2, and Pika 1.0 as possible AI tools in Premiere Pro. These might not be the only ones to eventually make it into the software suite.

A dedicated AI tool for every niche

According to its post, Adobe envisions a future where thousands of specialized AI models coexist, each excelling in its own niche rather than a battle between companies to produce the ‘best’ AI model. “AI-generated content is most useful when it’s a natural part of what you do every day. For most Adobe customers, generative AI is just a starting point and source of inspiration to explore creative directions”, the company said.

Adding AI to Premiere Pro is not limited to third-party plugins. Adobe will also expand its own Firefly model with new editing tools. These could make it easier to add or remove objects in a video, for example. Adobe says it will continue to develop Firefly AI models in categories where it has deep domain expertise. These include imaging, video, audio, and 3D. The company promises to integrate these models deeply into Creative Cloud and Adobe Express.

The exact way the integration will work is not yet clear. The aforementioned AI models mostly require a paid subscription, and Sora is not even publicly available yet. Adobe emphasizes that its own Firefly model is trained with data that Adobe owns or has the right to use.

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