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SAP responds to Teradata complaint: there is no factual basis for it

SAP responds to Teradata complaint: there is no factual basis for it

At the end of June, Teradata filed a lawsuit against SAP. It is claimed that business secrets have been stolen through cooperation. Now GSP is responding to those allegations by saying that they have no factual basis. In fact, as far as GSP is concerned, Teradata brought the case only because it was lagging behind.

In a motion, SAP asked the American court to dismiss the Teradata case altogether. There would be no basis for the lawsuit, so dismissal is the best option. However, the case continues for the time being and the question arises as to what the American court ultimately decides.

The Bridge Project

At the heart of Teradata’s business is the collaboration with SAP, which has become known as the Bridge Project. According to SAP, this would have started because Teradata had a limited number of customers and wanted to appeal to SAP users. SAP states that these attempts were by no means successful and that Teradata only recruited one customer.

Teradata’s accusation is that GSP entered into cooperation to steal trade secrets. Those trade secrets would then have been used to develop the GSP HANA data platform. SAP would then have linked that platform to its ERP suite, so that customers would no longer be able to use Teradata’s technology.

No basis

However, GSP states that there is no basis for the case. The accusation that HANA is the result of something other than SAP’s technological innovation, investment and development has no factual basis. The company also considers that Teradata is only bringing the case forward because it has fallen behind the competition.

In the indictment there is nothing less to read than that Teradata now has to compete in the marketplace in which it likes to operate, argues SAP. There would be no plausible basis for commenting that SAP customers would be forced to use HANA. The real complaint of Teradata lies in the choice of SAP to offer an integrated system with HANA and not to integrate it with Teradatas database.

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