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Until now, Zendesk has mainly limited itself to customer service scenarios. But that doesn’t seem to be enough. Zendesk has decided to expand and take over the startup Base. He raised more than fifty million dollars in an investment round and has to fill an important gap for Zendesk.

It is not known how much money will be involved in the acquisition of Zendesk. We do know that Base has an archive system that fits the customer service component. In this way, Zendesk can significantly expand and further professionalise its range of other companies. Zendesk also indicates that the acquisition will have a significant impact on turnover.

Automated platform

Base may not be as well known as companies like Salesforce, Microsoft or Oracle when it comes to CRM systems, but it has built a sophisticated automated sales platform. This also works with artificial intelligence developed by Base itself and, according to CEO Uzi Shmilovici, can compete well with the more well-known competitors.

Zendesk-ceo Mikkel Svane sees in any case the added value of Base for his platform. We want to do for sales what Zendesk has already done for customer services: give sales people tools that are built around them and the customers they serve. At the heart of the offering are not only customer service, but also CRM and marketing. Thanks to the acquisition of Base, Zendesk now has one of those components in its hands.

Competition is fierce

Zendesk is already well positioned for customer service, but is now strengthening its position for business customers who are looking for complete platforms where everything can be found in one. In addition, competitors make similar acquisitions. HubSpot already launched HubSpot Apps and recently Accel-KKR took over SugarCRM.

All Base customers will be supported by Zendesk. In addition, all 125 members of staff are allowed to stay on.

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