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Microsoft states that more than half of the Windows devices used by companies now run on Windows 10. This is an important milestone, because in just under a year’s time, the company will no longer offer free support for Windows 7. It is therefore crucial for companies to upgrade quickly.

That’s what ZDNet is reporting today. Microsoft recently organized the Ignite IT Pro conference, where employees mentioned these figures for the first time. In addition, CEO Satya Nadella during a conference call with investors on the financial results stated for the first time that more than half of the commercial devices run on Windows 10.

Windows 7 vs. 10

This is an important development, because Microsoft will stop with free updates for Windows 7 as of January 14, 2020. Of the companies that have not yet switched to Windows 10, many are probably still running on Windows 7. This is because Windows 8 was not very popular among companies.

Microsoft unveiled Windows 7 in July 2009. Relatively many companies did not switch over until the end of the Windows 7 life cycle, when Microsoft was about to introduce Windows 10 – which happened in July 2015. Until early 2020, Microsoft will release free patches for Windows 7 devices, requiring companies to purchase them via the Extended Security Updates.

Cloud provider

Although Microsoft is busy positioning itself as a cloud provider, Windows continues to play an extremely important role in the company. However, it is not exactly clear how much money the software maker is still making with it. In the More Personal Computing category, which includes Windows, gaming, Surface devices and advertisements, the company achieved a turnover of 10.7 billion dollars last quarter. Furthermore, Productivity and Business Processes accounted for 9.8 billion dollars and Intelligent Cloud for 8.6 billion dollars.

All in all, Microsoft’s cloud business accounts for about a quarter of Microsoft’s annual turnover. That will have to go up, and presumably it will. Every quarter, the company reports that the number of customers of its cloud services has risen again.

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