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Zoho adds artificial intelligence and analytics to CRM platform

Zoho adds artificial intelligence and analytics to CRM platform

At the end of last year, Zoho, supplier of CRM solutions, expanded its CRM platform Zoho CRM Plus suite with improved analytics applications and artificial intelligence. This allows users to gain more insight into their customers and help them to get the best experience through different channels.

The improvements to the supplier’s CRM platform that have now been added include an improved version of the intelligent assistant Zia and of the Zoho Analytics tool. As a tool for business intelligence and reporting, these two applications form the heart of Zoho’s total suite of CRM applications.

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The now improved intelligent assistant and analysis tool are also linked to updated versions of the Zoho Desk, Zoho Social and SalesIQ applications, so the CRM supplier continues. This allows end users to easily monitor all departments with direct customer contact within one interface. In addition, they can follow contextual messages from the front and back offices of all customer contact points in real time.

Better collaboration and customer experience

According to the supplier, the addition of the artificial intelligence of Zia and Zoho Analytics now makes the CRM Plus suite complete instead of a set of separate applications for CRM purposes. As a result, the CRM Plus solution now ensures a clear flow of information between the various channels and departments within companies and organisations.

This clear flow of information makes it easier for teams to work together to improve their customer relationships. For end customers, this improved internal collaboration ultimately means that they get the best experience throughout the customer journey, according to the provider of CRM solutions.

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