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Adobe and Microsoft broaden collaboration to better support marketers

Adobe and Microsoft broaden collaboration to better support marketers

Adobe and Microsoft have announced that they are broadening their relationship by broadening and deepening the product integrations that already exist. The new integrations unveiled today revolve around sales and marketing. The companies will share data from services such as Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and LinkedIn.

Adobe states that the new service, which will be called Account Based Experience, is aimed at building more personalized and targeted experiences for sales teams. In this way, they should be able to manage complex sales. The idea is that teams can use the LinkedIn data to build richer profiles of their customers, which they can then use for programmes such as Marketo Engage and Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Broad information

The broader information is useful because certain sales to account holders are more complicated than sales to individuals. Usually there are several decision-makers that need to be taken into account. That’s what Steve Lucas, who is active at Adobe as head of Marketo, says.

In an interview with Reuters, Lucas told us that sales via an account can sometimes take months. The ability to access additional data may shorten that time. According to him, LinkedIn is clearly a holy grail for marketing employees. And so, above all, this integration must be implemented quickly.

With all these new account-based capabilities, marketing and sales teams will be able to connect more closely with the people and accounts they have contact with, but will also have new ways to measure their business impact, according to Lucas. What he doesn’t mention is that this way, the two companies can compete better with Salesforce, something they’ve been trying to do for a long time.

For this reason, Microsoft and Adobe have already entered into an Open Data Initiative together with SAP. In doing so, the companies linked data they had available to them. But that collaboration was not very successful in finding competition with Salesforce.

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