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Gmail makes it possible to schedule the sending of e-mails

Gmail makes it possible to schedule the sending of e-mails

Gmail has made it possible to schedule the sending of e-mails for another time. This makes it possible to type an e-mail now and to schedule it to be sent, for example, tomorrow. New languages have also been added to Smart Compose.

The function is intended to take into account the “downtime” of others, as Google writes in its blog post. If a colleague is free, for example, this can be taken into account by not having the e-mail sent until tomorrow.

The function appears when a new message is created. A downward arrow appears next to the transmit button. If the user clicks on it, the option to schedule the sending of the e-mail appears. It is not yet known when the position will be transferred to the Netherlands.

Google has also announced that new languages are coming to Smart Compose, with which the e-mail service makes suggestions during the preparation of e-mails. The service is now also available in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. When the Dutch language will be added, is still unknown.

Interactive e-mail

Google announced last week that it would make Gmail more interactive by making it look more like an interactive web page. That’s what the AMP for Email rolled out for. With this technology, companies can integrate widgets into e-mails. The widgets make it possible, for example, to add the meeting schedule to the e-mail, or the catalogue of products.

The widgets are based on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This is a Google framework with which mobile-friendly web pages can be developed. AMP for Email is initially only available on Gmail, but will also need to come to other mail services later on. The interactive messages will be available in the coming weeks in the inbox of Gmail users.

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