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Gemini can now answer emails on Gmail

Gemini can now answer emails on Gmail

Paying Google Workspace end users will get a side panel in Gmail that gives direct access to the AI assistant Gemini. This allows them to get even more out of these applications to increase productivity.

The Gemini features are now rolling out in Google’s email app. They are powered by Gemini 1.5 Pro. This model has a larger context window and more advanced reasoning than previous Gemini models.

Gemini support is visible in a drop-down side panel in Gmail. Within the email service, AI functionality helps summarize email exchanges and write new emails, among other things. In the mobile version of Gmail, Gemini can summarize email exchanges.

Integration with other Workspace apps

Furthermore, Gemini for Gmail integrates with other apps from the Google Workspace suite, making it easier for users to take action directly from their mail application.

In time, the other Google Workspace apps will receive the aforementioned Gemini features via a side panel. This functionality was already announced recently at Google I/O 2024.

For paying users only

The new Gemini AI features in Gmail are only available to paying end users of Google Workspace. To do so, they must have the Gemini Business, Enterprise, Education or Education Premium add-on in addition to their Google Workspace license. Or they must have a Google One AI Premium subscription(21.99 euros per month).

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