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Qualys, a provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions, has unveiled its new Cloud Agent Gateway (CAG). CAG aims to simplify large-scale deployments in on premise and hybrid cloud environments.

The new CAG service consists of various virtual appliances that are managed via the Cloud Platform. It is also possible for customers to securely connect Cloud Agent traffic to a CAG virtual appliance in a restricted or critical on premise network.

This means that Cloud Agent implementations can also be extended to critical environments, such as demilitarized zones in highly secure data centers. Customers do not have to open up access to the Qualys platform for every asset. CAG also eliminates the implementation, management and maintenance of external proxies or secure web gateways for large-scale Cloud Agent installations.

CAG also reduces the required bandwidth of large-scale Cloud Agents implementations, or the implementations of agents in smaller networks. Moreover, customers do not need to use a commercial secure web gateway, because updates, manifests and patches are cached for distribution to Cloud Agents. This saves costs and reduces complexity.

IT Asset Inventory

Qualys made its new IT Asset Inventory (AI) available earlier this year. This app should provide security and IT teams with a complete overview of enriched asset data. This enables teams to monitor complex, global and interconnected IT environments. It is also possible to identify critical or potential risks. Teams can also work together to solve problems.

In addition, the company unveiled in February cloud provider Adya to take over. Adya offers software that allows companies to manage and secure their Software-as-a-Service apps. The software also helps with compliance with important laws and regulations. With the acquisition, Qualys will be able to offer various SaaS administration services within its existing service.

“Enabling security and compliance studies of SaaS applications is becoming critical, especially as companies increasingly rely on cloud software to accelerate their digital transformation,” said CEO Philippe Courtot at the time.

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