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Salesforce has made its Lightning Web Components framework open source available. Lightning Web Components is a component-based framework designed to simplify application development for normal business employees without programming expertise.

Lightning Web Components includes a collection of tools that can be combined to easily build all kinds of business applications, reports Silicon Angle.

These include the Experience graphical user interface, Lightning App Builder – which provides drag-and-drop capabilities for creating and modifying apps – and Lightning Component Framework. Lightning Component Framework includes tools and extensions to enable the development of reusable components and standalone apps.

Salesforce itself states that it makes Lightning Web Components open source, because it wants to promote the use of more open source software. The company emphasizes that open source software is expected to reach parity with proprietary software in the next two years, but that there are still significant barriers to compatibility and trust. By making Lightning Web Components open source, some of these barriers need to be removed.

For each platform

Lightning Web Components can also be used to build applications for any platform, and not just for Salesforce. It is also possible to view source codes and to adjust them to your own objectives, which was not possible before.

“The benefits include writing better code and accelerating innovation, hiring and onboarding,” said Chris Kelly, Director of Open Source at Salesforce. “Code intended to be open source often shows qualities we associate with good software design: it must be modular, well encapsulated and extensible, and it has better documentation and is written with stable interfaces, allowing teams to rely on it. And good code means better products.”

In addition, making Lightning Web Components open source should lead to the faster development of new features for the platform than if Salesforce were to do it all on its own. The open source Lightning Web Components are now available on GitHub.

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