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87 percent of companies experience business accelerations as a result of their use of cloud services. That’s what McAfee’s Cloud and Risk Adoption Report says. For the survey, the security company interviewed 1,000 enterprise organizations worldwide. It combined those results with insights from billions of anonymous cloud events that Mvision Cloud sees every month.

The report focuses on the business impact of cloud services and how organizations around the world are addressing security gaps to accelerate their business with the cloud. While a wide range of companies are accelerating their business with such services, there appears to be a big difference between those that have addressed their shared responsibility for protecting data in the cloud and those that have not.

Organizations are 35 percent more likely to launch new products, accelerate time to market and expand markets when proactively securing their data in the cloud using a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), said McAfee.

However, only a minority of organisations claim to experience the full potential of business acceleration. Although there are many advantages to using a CASB, only one in three companies uses it as well.

As a Service

The report also shows that most sensitive data is managed by an IT team. For example, 65 percent of enterprise data lives in collaborative and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. 25 percent are in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Only 10 percent live in Shadow IT, i.e. devices and services that are not known to the IT department.

In addition, only 36% of organisations state that they can prevent data from being lost. 33 percent can manage the collaboration settings that determine how the data is shared. In the case of IaaS, only 26 percent say they can manage audit configuration settings. This increases the gap between risky and safe cloud adoption.

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