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At the VMworld event in San Francisco, VMware unveiled a number of container and virtual machine management services. This allows containers and virtual machines to be managed from a single view.

The services are provided in a service called Tanzu. The service is designed to help companies maintain an overview when managing more traditional VMs on the one hand and the container environment on the other hand. All of this while they also have to manage the used clouds, data centers and applications.

The acquisition of Heptio by VMware will come in handy when deploying Kubernetes. Craig McLuckie, co-founder of Heptio, was part of the Kubernetes development team. He thinks VMware’s Tanzu will come in handy when creating clarity for different parts of IT management.

“The intention is to create a portfolio that covers each of these areas, a robust set of features that will take the Kubernetes substrate anywhere. A control room that allows organizations to think about these highly fragmented implementations, and start looking at them with Kubernetes as a common denominator.”

One comprehensive platform

According to TechCrunch, the ultimate goal is to bring together the building, running and management of applications all under one platform. Some of the most important ways of doing this were shown as an example on Monday. These include Tanzu Mission Control, a tool for managing Kubernetes clusters, and Project Pacific, which integrates Kubernetes into vSphere. This is how VMs and containers do indeed come together. According to McLuckie, this means that there is positive cross-fertilization between VMs and Kubernetes.

“You are able to create a robust, modern, API-driven way of thinking about resources. It appears that there is good technology for this: Kubernetes. The ability to bring a Kubernetes management platform to vSphere thus creates a new set of experiences for traditional VMware customers. That [new experience] is much closer to a kind of cloud-like, flexible infrastructure experience. At the same time, vSphere brings a wide range of possibilities to Kubernetes for more efficient insulation.”

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