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Spiceworks announces a number of new features for its IT management software. These include a number of AI features and on premise versions of cloud-based services. A number of new tools to make it easier to purchase IT solutions have also been announced.

The updates were announced at SpiceWorld, the annual Spiceworks event. The company announced that it will analyze the posts and reactions on its forums to improve its product portfolio. User data from its free IT management suite will also play a role in this. In addition, the forums will feature highlights for popular and highly appreciated products, giving users an idea of the quality of certain solutions.

According to ITpro, this means, for example, that the Help Desk Online software will automatically recognize problems by recognizing patterns in users’ complaints. It also allows users to be linked to specific vendors if a new software solution is needed to the problem.

Furthermore, updates have been promised for Spiceworks’ inventory management tool, including a function that indicates when contracts with vendors will expire. Users are also notified if they use too many software licenses at the same time. “You can also understand if you’re under-deploying on licences, where, say, you may have purchased 50 licences, but you’re only using 23 of them,” said Marta Kelsey, Spiceworks’ director of product management. “That will help you guys understand if you need to reduce your licences and maybe save some money.”

On-premise versions of existing services

Another announcement was that the Help Desk Online software will also be available as an on-premise solution. This will be a virtualized application. The company is currently still working on the migration of the ticketing system from the cloud to on premise. The reason why SpiceWorks creates an on-premise version is that there are many complaints about slow service. This may be due to the fact that users live/work in locations that simply do not have a fast connection. Spiceworks is therefore considering offering on-premise versions for other products as well. The company did not yet make any promises about this, however.