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Worldwide, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo and OPPO have a market share of over forty percent. Those companies are rumoured to be working together to make better use of that share. According to Reuters, an they are attempting to offer an alternative to the popular Google Play Store by developing a platform that would enable apps to be placed on all platforms of the Chinese manufacturers at the same time.

The market for App Stores is a lucrative one, as was shown again in 2019. It is estimated that Google earned a sloppy 8.8 billion dollars in a year from the Google App Store by offering apps, partly just by earning a commission.

Nine regions

By joining forces under the name Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA for short), the major Chinese tech manufacturers hope to be able to cover nine regions with the new service from March (although the corona virus outbreak may still play a role in potential delays).

Collaborating with smartphone manufacturer Huawei could make the situation even more difficult, as it is the only manufacturer that is no longer allowed to use new Android versions for the time being. Instead, Huawei focused on setting up its own OS, called Harmony OS. That operating system can already be found on other manufacturer’s devices such as TVs, but is not expected on smartphones for the time being.