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Facebook launches new Business Inbox in Messenger for companies

Facebook launches new Business Inbox in Messenger for companies

Facebook launched Business Inbox for companies that often receive customer messages on the platform. With Business Inbox, you no longer have to switch between accounts to respond to those messages.

The new inbox should make it easier to switch to a business page, similar to switching between pages managed by users. Questions that are submitted via Messenger will now appear in a special inbox in the Messenger app without the need to change accounts.

Facebook users who manage a business page and use an app like Page Manager can continue to do so. The Messenger inbox is only rolled out as an additional feature for the chat element of Facebook. In addition, this new tool also enables you to answer questions on the Facebook account of the company or your personal account that is linked to the company’s Facebook page.

Recent research from Hubspot has shown that 90 percent of respondents think a fast response to questions sent to a company’s Facebook page is essential. Not having to switch between different accounts to view and answer those questions would help speed up the process significantly.

Facebook announced the update for the business inbox last month. iOS users already have access to this feature. Android users will have to wait a bit longer as Facebook expects to roll out the service in the Messenger app in the next few weeks.