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Zoom Meetings is about to get better with these updated features

Zoom Meetings is about to get better with these updated features

Business meetings can get boring, which would explain why Zoom is putting out new updates to make them a little more fun. Now, the app has filters, improved lighting, noise suppression tech, and reactions, among other fun features.

The updates are a great way to keep the meetings fresh when you can’t be at work sitting at a table across from colleagues.

The company said in a blog post that they believe people make a better connection when using video. However, the connection is still not very lively, considering the distance. Zoom brings the casual and fun update to recreate the magic that is missing from the good old office days. 

Removing the boredom from the boardroom

Now, users can avoid feeling bored during meetings. It is an excellent way for users to express their individuality and make the day more fun.

It has been a while since Zoom released any consumer-facing updates. They have spent time working on security, which has come under threat with unprecedented increases in cyber-attacks. In those weeks, Microsoft Teams has been working on one update after the other.

Currently, Microsoft Teams is the number one competitor for Zoom.

Simple and intuitive use

One of the best features in the new Zoom update is noise suppression, a welcome feature to block out the sounds from all around the house. The suppression technology comes with three settings that range from low to medium to high. You can opt for the auto-setting too.

The low setting features soft background music that would be great for something like a yoga class or game night. To access the feature, users have to go to the Audio Settings and click on ‘Suppress Background Noise.’

Now you can look better with lighting adjustments and filters which optimize appearance. Zoom meetings just got more fun!