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Zendesk introduces a new dashboard for real-time data presentation

Zendesk introduces a new dashboard for real-time data presentation

Zendesk has recently been offering their clients the ability to track customer service statistics. However, they just announced a new product that they are calling Explore Enterprise. It will allow the customers to capture valuable information in real-time and share it with anyone who has proper access to an organization.

This will include people who have a Zendesk license and those who do not.

While they have been using Explore for about two years now, the senior VP of product at the company, Jon Aniano, says that the new product responds to the growing customer requirements. Data is a sensitive and also important issue that needs to be approached with the right tools.

Working at home with Zendesk is going to be better

He says that they now provide a way for uses to deliver real-time analytics, using the Live Team Dashboards. In the time before the pandemic, the way to do this was by having them up on large screens for everyone to see.

Now that people are working from home, it means that they need to have the same management tools in their current setting. The users need to know what is happening in real-time, and that is why Zendesk customers will find this new product quite useful.

Customer service is more complex

According to Jon, Zendesk realized that their customer needs were changing, and they had to keep up. Customer service is becoming more complex, meaning that the demands are always higher and higher.

That is why they need new types of tools to ensure that their customers have the best ways of delivering the required service.

To make sure that they are meeting the demand, there is a need to have real-time analytics, even when customer service is done from home. The new service will be available from August 31 for $29 per user per month.