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Zendesk makes customer service chatbots speak more natural with privacy in mind

Zendesk makes customer service chatbots speak more natural with privacy in mind

Zendesk announces new AI solutions that allow companies to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. These include well-known chatbots, which, through innovation, should be able to deliver more natural conversations with customers.

While chatbots have eased the workload for service agents for years, they do not always deliver the best experiences for customers. Answers often don’t go into detail and typically aren’t personal.

Natural conversations with chatbots

Zendesk is trying to address this issue with new generative AI capabilities in Zendesk AI. Chatbots should now be able to have natural conversations with customers thanks to AI technology’s ability to integrate and summarize information from multiple help centre articles.

Administrators of the solution can additionally enhance the technology through AI-learned intent suggestions that show where information is missing in chatbot responses. The release of this technology will now be extended to new sectors, including insurance and tourism. Furthermore, the administrators will be able to adjust the chatbot’s attitude from professional to casual in order to give customers a consistent tone of communication.

Less manual work

In addition, Zendesk is introducing AI for Voice. This is, again, a service that leverages generative AI. The service is entirely focused on service desk employees and summarizes conversations between customers and the employee and augments them with customer sentiment.


In addition, the Advanced Data Privacy & Protection package is introduced. The package includes enhanced encryption and greater transparency by indicating what data is shown and kept, as well as showing who viewed data. In summary, the package is meant to better assure that customer service calls remain private.

“In line with our AI principles and our privacy framework, we have built-in safeguards and controls that allow companies to set limits on bots – for example, when sensitive information should or should not be shown – and when a service rep should be involved in the customer conversation,” said Cristina Fonseca, Head of AI at Zendesk.

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