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This latest feature aims to make life easier for Teams users.

Tracking online meetings, video conferencing and other events in Microsoft 365 is about to get easier, thanks to a new “History menu” feature in Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft 365 Roadmap entry indicates that the feature will launch in February 2021.

“The History Menu for Teams desktop clients displays your recently visited locations when hovering over the backward and forward navigation options,” the 365 roadmap explains. “Using the menu you can quickly jump back to previous locations, making it much easier to quickly get back to nested locations like tabs or documents. The menu is also accessible via keyboard shortcut.”

How the new feature it will work

Microsoft Teams currently displays forward and back navigation arrows in the upper left corner of the desktop client. The navigation bar is one of the most popular features in Microsoft Teams. It allows users to go back to a page they were looking at earlier.

In the next Microsoft Teams update, hovering over the two buttons will bring up a new menu with your full navigation history. This new navigation tool can save users from tapping repeatedly on the back button if they want to navigate to a Teams menu or settings they were on in the distant past.

The COVID pandemic has accelerated Teams development

The Microsoft Teams video conferencing platform has seen a huge increase in user figures this year, thanks in most part to the Coronavirus pandemic. The COPVID-19 emergency has caused an explosion in remote working and distance learning – which Microsoft Teams aims to facilitate.

Most people have managed to cope with the disruption caused by the ongoing pandemic by using products such as Teams. Still, the sheer volume of online meetings that are necessary because of COVID-19 has led to difficulties. The new navigation experience will aid users by decreasing the time and effort needed to search for an important file or document while collaborating with their colleagues.