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SAP announced that it is merging its marketplaces for apps and partners, by launching its SAP Store. Before this, SAP had SAP Store for SAP solutions and the SAP App Center. Combining these two platforms will allow SAP to simplify the shopping within its ecosystem.

The SAP store consolidation will make it easy to locate any of the company’s apps and other resources.

The SAP platform will not only make shopping easy; it also comes at a crucial time in the company’s history. Currently, SAP is undertaking efforts to move its customer base to the cloud.

Easier access to SAP apps

SAP’s focus has been on making it easy to consume the variety of apps and offerings it provides as a service. The company said that SAP Store has a unified home page, 1,700 partner apps and intelligent search to locate whatever you need.

The partner offerings undergo SAP certification before being put up. SAP is also featuring the Endorsed Apps with visual cues now.

SAP’s announcement shows that the SAP Store will include:

  • An expanded category menu
  • Filtering options
  • Favorites and personalization
  • A guided search with natural sentence structure

With this level of access to the store, users will have a much better experience overall.

A better store

SAP also put up the consolidated search with impartiality as a focus since it wants to provide equal visibility for all products, based on what the customers require.

Now, customers can discover, buy and deploy products or solutions that fit their needs.

SAP also announced a global partnership with Lumen technologies to simplify cloud services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Lumen will host and manage the offering to help support value-added resellers (VARs), configure and deploy SAP HANA, channel partners and 75,000 small and mid-sized customers worldwide.