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Google has announced Workspace Frontline. It is a variant of the Workspace suite aimed at employees who do the real work at a company, such as warehouse managers, waiters and nurses.

Workspace Frontline comprises software found in most Workspace packages, such as Gmail, Chat, Docs and Drive. This is complemented by extensive support, security features and advanced endpoint management.

Google also offers the ability to create custom AppSheet apps for Google Sheets and Drive. AppSheet is a low-code tool for building simple applications for Workspace. Google thinks that with special applications, work on the front line can be streamlined. This can be done, for example, by reporting security risks or handling customer requests.

Time management

Google has enhanced Workspace with a number of new time management features. With Time Insights, users can get an overview of where they spend their time. This gives them an idea of whether their time is spent in line with their priorities. To help users focus better, Google also offers Focus Time. This limits the number of notifications considerably, preventing the user from getting distracted.

Google Assistant

Finally, Google Assistant is now available for Workspace. Users can ask the virtual assistant questions about their schedules and request to send a message. It is available immediately for phones and tablets but is still in beta for devices such as smart speakers and smart displays.

G Suite renamed to Workspace

Workspace is a new name from Google, but not a new product. Last October, the tech giant gave its familiar G Suite a new set of logos and changed the name to Workspace. Google promised that the different parts of Workspace would work together more than they did before.

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