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Automation Anywhere, the robotic process automation company, said on Sunday that it is bringing its main RPA offering to Google’s public cloud platform. This is part of a wider collaboration that will have the two companies working together on new products for customers they share.

On top of this, Automation Anywhere will work with Google to bring the RPA capabilities to several Google Cloud products and services.

Automation Anywhere is considered the leader in the RPA market, with a current valuation of $6.8 billion, making it a company with significant prominence.

Automation Anywhere is headed somewhere

The company’s main platform was recently rebranded and is called Automation 360. It allows the companies to create AI-based robots that can take over many repetitive manual tasks that humans would typically be required to do.

The robots watch humans and how we do these tasks and then they teach themselves how to replicate the same things so they can be automated in the future.

Automation Anywhere said that the partnership with Google is timely because research shows that half of all businesses are planning to increase investments in automation within the next year.

Coming soon

The company said that Google Cloud will enjoy being the primary cloud provider for the Automation 360 platform, as it becomes Google Cloud’s preferred RPA partner. The company’s full portfolio of offerings will be available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

From there, they can deploy across both on-premises and hybrid environments.

Google, on the other hand, will integrate Automation 360’s RPA capabilities with several of its cloud tools and services like Apigee. It will also integrate the platform with AppSheet and AI Platform offerings. The plan is to create industry-specific tools that focus on healthcare, finance, supply chain, and telecoms.