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Red Hat has launched an updated version of its enterprise application platform, named OpenShift Platform Plus. The update adds Kubernetes-native security capabilities to the OpenShift platform. The firm also announced a set of managed cloud services for OpenShift Dedicated.

They are intended to support apps using machine learning, real-time data streams, and microservices. The new products were among a slew of others announced at the Red Hat Summit event on Tuesday. OpenShift Platform Plus is a new edition of Red Hat’s enterprise application platform based on Kubernetes and containers.

The Red Hat enterprise platform

OpenShift Platform Plus builds on the capabilities of the main platform by enhancing the security features, the global container registry, and Day 2 management capabilities. Red Hat announced that it should be available in Q2.

Security for the platform comes from Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes, which is based on the technology Red Hat gained through acquiring StackRox.

The acquisition provides deep system-level data collection and analysis, as well as over 60 security policies out-of-the-box. The policies can be applied and enforced throughout an app’s entire lifecycle.

A new perspective and new additions

The Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes is already available as a separate product. However, Red Hat has said that it is included in the OpenShift Platform Plus to help organizations and users take a DevSecOps approach to security through integrating declarative security in developer workflows and tooling.

Including Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes will create consistency in security, configuration, governance, and compliance in multi-cluster Kubernetes environments that span cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Other announced additions and enhancements include; Red Hat Quay (global container registry capability), Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka, Red Hat OpenShift Data Science, and Red Hat OpenShift API Management.