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PTC releases SaaS applications for AR and AI-based design

PTC releases SaaS applications for AR and AI-based design

PTC has released Vuforia Expert Capture and Creo Generative Design Extension. The two applications will become part of the Onshape offering on the PTC Atlas SaaS platform.

Vuforia Expert Capture is a tool for adding augmented reality applications to the work floor. PTC claims it makes it easy to transfer knowledge to other employees. With a Hololens on their head, employees can see information about actions they need to perform. The Creo Generative Design Extension (GDX) is an extension for the Onshape CAD software that uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate three-dimensional designs based on the requirements set.

Years of effort

“The Onshape team invested years of effort building a cutting-edge SaaS platform that could host a range of product development applications. As part of PTC, we’ve been able to accelerate the development of Atlas, and in turn leverage the Atlas platform to accelerate PTC’s overall SaaS strategy. The new Vuforia and Creo applications immediately gain the incredible operational and technical scalability of the modern, multi-tenant Atlas architecture,” said Andrew Kimpton, Vice President at PTC Atlas Development. “We are very excited to bring new levels of performance, security, and efficiency, as well as breakthrough new SaaS collaboration capabilities, to the entire PTC portfolio.”

Robust set of capabilities

“With the power of Atlas, we’re able to provide Vuforia users a robust set of capabilities that they need to scale deployments in the enterprise, including version control, content management, and approval workflows that would have taken years to deliver without Atlas,” says Mike Campbell, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Augmented Reality, PTC. “We’re proud to be able to offer market-leading AR offerings to our customers and partner network. Atlas helps make these offerings better, and we look forward to delivering a robust roadmap of Atlas-enabled benefits in the near future.”

The new products are now generally available.

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