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Wix, a platform that simplifies website creation, has announced the acquisition of Rise.ai. The acquisition should provide new options for webshop owners.

Rise.ai specialises in ways to persuade customers of online shops to return. This includes personal gift cards, rewards and programmes to build up credit in the webshop. Wix claims that Rise.ai has processed more than a billion dollars in credit in 2019, generating 150 million dollars (125 million euros) in revenue for online shop owners.

Expansion of eCommerce platform

With the acquisition, Wix wants to expand the capabilities of its eCommerce platform. This is a platform on which customers can build a webshop, which can also be used by service providers, restaurants and events, for example. The possibilities of Rise.ai ensure that users can also apply the services of that company to their web shops.


“We are excited to expand our offering and services as part of the Wix eCommerce strategy,” said Arik Perez, Head of Wix eCommerce. “By providing merchants with more native tools, we can help them grow long-term customer value and revenues to build their businesses and keep optimizing and increasing profitability. Rise.ai is considered to be the best solution of its kind in the market, and the integration will enable merchants to easily manage and maintain customer engagement tools, ultimately leading to increased loyalty and revenue.”

“Customer retention has become the top priority for eCommerce brands worldwide, as acquisition costs continue to spike,” said Yair Miron, founder and CEO of Rise.ai. “Since our founding, we have powered tens of thousands of leading brands with loyalty and re-engagement solutions to grow their businesses. We are now thrilled to join Wix and bring Rise.ai to hundreds of thousands of online stores around the globe and help them rise.”

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