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Kong announced that its cloud-native connectivity platform, Kong Konnect, is now generally available with new features that offer reliability, security, and observable connectivity across Application Programming Interfaces and microservices.

The platform got its first preview as a private beta last year during the Kong Summit 2020. The promise was that it would make complex cloud-native workflows simpler.

Marco Palladino, the CTO, and co-founder of the company said that Kong Konnect addresses the challenges faced by enterprises transitioning to the digital transformation bandwagon, where speed and volume increase exponentially.

What does Kong Konnect offer?

The company explains that with Kong Konnect, app builders can separate connectivity issues from microservices and focus only on building apps. The release also comes with multi-geo support for users to locate services as close to their businesses as possible.

This ensures that they stay compliant with rules governing services.

Kong Konnect becoming generally available means that users can leverage the consumption-based model it brings, to ensure that they pay only for the services that they use. The service comes in tiers to better match the diverse users.

The tiers

There is a free tier that allows developers to test it out and get a feel for how it works and if it fulfills their requirements. The next plan is the Plus plan, with a freemium model and a credit-card-based, pay-as-you-go option. Finally, there’s Enterprise, which organizations can use to leverage everything the platform has to offer.

Palladino predicts that one day in the future, we will look back amazed at the realization that developers were spending too much time building the plumbing, and writing code for the network and security for every service. To Palladino, Kong Konnect is what we need to solve that problem.