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VMware is expanding its offerings in Secure Access Service Edge, to reach the furthest corners of corporate networks. In an announcement, VMware says it now supports edge devices delivered across a network of global points of presence.

VMware Cloud Web Security, which launched on Thursday, is a cloud-hosted service that will expand the company’s software-defined wide-area network and Secure Access products to connect applications to other services on the network and in the public cloud. Along the way, security is enforced to keep everything safe.

SASE is the future

The software is delivered via a global network of more than 150 VMware SASE points of presence (POPs) that the company said can reach up to 80% of the world’s population with a latency of less than 10-milliseconds.

SASE is a term invented by Gartner, which combines SD-WAN with network security services like cloud access brokers, cloud access, and firewall-as-a-service brokers into one offering underpinned by zero-trust principles. Gartner, in its forecast, says that 40% of enterprises will have adopted SASE by 2024, up from less than the sub-1% numbers at the end of 2018. The cloud security concept is gaining traction as an alternative to traditional perimeter-based approaches like virtual private networks.

Where the new edge capabilities lie

The new edge capabilities find their place at the intersection of 5G wireless technology and the SD-WAN layer at a service provider’s facility and the application higher on the operating stack.

It can use the 5G services to boost performance and reduce latency while delivering specific security capabilities to apps running in the cloud or workloads migrating to the edge. Companies can specify the most suitable combination of security and bandwidth to meet their needs precisely.

VMWare partnered with Zscaler, which provides the company’s network of more than 150 regional data centres to make the delivery of this product possible.