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Portworx PX-Backup release enables cross-cloud data protection

Portworx PX-Backup release enables cross-cloud data protection

At KubeCon North America, Portworx by Pure Storage announced the release of PX-Backup 2.1, an industry-leading application and data protection platform for modern applications. Portworx is touted as the most complete Kubernetes Data Service Platform.

Portworx also released new survey data looking at end-user perspectives on running stateful apps on Kubernetes.

The latest updates to PX-Backup give enterprises comprehensive data protection, multi-cloud mobility, and improved compliance support for apps running on Kubernetes (both in the cloud and on-premises)

Here’s what’s new

  • App portability between clouds– PX-Backup delivers app portability between any cloud or on-premises data center. With the latest version, customers can back up Kubernetes apps running in one cloud or data center and restore them in another.
  • Improved Compliance via 3-2-1 Backup Rule Support for any storage- The 3-2-1 backup rule is an industry-standard for data protection plans, this release can offload backups from CSI snapshots to object storage. Enterprises running Kubernetes apps on Portworx PX-Store, CSI compliant storage, or cloud-based storage can now use PX-Backup to maintain three copies of data (backup copy, snapshots, and production) across both disk and object storage, providing the flexibility to store data offsite, fulfilling the 3-2-1 backup program.
  • Enabled Recovery with Support for File Shares– In addition to existing capabilities to backup block-based workloads, enterprises can backup and recover apps running on read-write-many (RWX) persistent volumes assigned as filed shares from an NFS server, Portworx proxy volumes, or FlashBlade.
  • Improved protection using PX-Secure- PX-Backup users can now use both the role-based access controls and encryption services offered in Portworx PX-Secure, gaining an added layer of security support for their modern apps and the ability to reduce management overhead.

Find out more about the release here.