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Pega Systems launches Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys. The solution measures every event in the journey a (potential) customer takes, provides insight into the effectiveness of customer communication and leverages AI to optimize acquisition and retention.

Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys entails an automation solution for measuring the effectiveness of each step in a customer journey. A potential customer stumbling upon a company website is an example of the start of such a journey. The solution makes it possible to link the event to one or more responses. Think of starting a chatbot conversation or recommending a specific website page. A customer’s reaction to the action is automatically recorded. Thus, it becomes possible to test different actions and outline the path that is most likely to lead a person to a goal of the company’s choosing.

AI at its core

Finding the optimal path is facilitated by AI. Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys accepts and processes all relevant customer data to pinpoint the cause of a response to an action. The AI suggests more effective responses to keep potential and existing customers on the desired path.

Next-Best-Action Customer Journeys is part of Pega Customer Decision Hub, the umbrella software solution. ]Decision Hub has long made it possible to measure and optimize customer journeys. The added value of the now introduced Next-Best-Action Customer Journey is AI. Finding an optimal journey is less dependent on time-intensive, manual tests.

Tip: ‘RPA is not an instant technological fix’