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Pegasystems seeks to better engage neglected customers

Pegasystems seeks to better engage neglected customers

New AI-powered capability provides underserved customers with targeted offers.

 Pegasystems has introduced Value Finder, a new AI-powered capability designed to help organizations more fully engage their most underserved customers. Using Value Finder, companies can target previously neglected customers with messages and offers designed for their specific needs.

The new service is part of the Pega Customer Decision Hub™, Pega’s primary service platform. The Decision Hub provides AI-triggered engagement by managing millions of customer touch-points to deliver personalized outbound messages via email, SMS, mobile, and other media.

Where organizations fail in their engagement strategy

Pega observes that most organizations end up pushing the same “product of the moment” to the same core customer segments. Audiences that don’t fit neatly into the latest campaign are either besieged with irrelevant offers or are largely ignored.

This means that customer experience professionals miss opportunities to nurture these overlooked customers with more relevant actions that could add real value, increase customer loyalty, and drive long-term growth.

Value Finder expands the power of 1:1 customer engagement to ensure all customers get that same personalized engagement, regardless of tier, activity profile or ranking status.

How Value Finder fills in the engagement gaps

The Pega Customer Decision Hub feature makes it easy to identify and fill critical customer engagement gaps by first identifying underserved customers. The program then fills engagement gaps by inspecting the customer strategy for each one of the neglected targets.

Pega’s 1:1 Operations Manager then allows business users to make the changes and tweaks necessary to adjust the relevant targeting. This process simplifies approvals across teams. Users then have an opportunity to create “what-if” scenarios to understand how those strategies will perform in market. This allows them to to optimize the customer strategy before implementation.

The result is that Value Finder helps marketers hit specific goals, more accurately forecast results, and uncover any hidden trade-offs between options.

Dr. Rob Walker, Pega’s vice president, decisioning and analytics, explained the benefits of Value Finder. “With Value Finder, Pega has removed another barrier on the path to 1:1 engagement by making it easier for organizations to identify and remove the gaps in their engagement programs,” he said.

“Now they can nurture all their customers with the most relevant messages and offers.”