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Visma and wholesale software provider Brincr launch a cloud-based ERP solution. With the introduction, small and large wholesalers benefit from automation functionality within an integrated system.

The solution should provide time savings, insight and control over wholesale operations.

Merging two products

The introduction is a combination of two existing Visma and Brincr products: Visma.net Financials and Brincr’s wholesale flagship software. Visma partner Consolit is the first to distribute the new, joint solution.

The ERP solution is an extension of longstanding cooperation between companies. There have been links between the Brincr platform and Visma’s Visma.net Logistics and eAccounting solutions for some time.

Continuous expansion

Visma is growing rapidly. The partnership with Brincr is one of many. Earlier this year, the software giant announced it is eyeing a potential public offering in 2023. As it stands, the company is valued at 19 billion dollars.

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