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macOS 12.3 causes problems for Dropbox and OneDrive

macOS 12.3 causes problems for Dropbox and OneDrive

Apple has released a beta version of macOS 12.3. The update disables a Dropbox and OneDrive feature that allows files to be available without requiring hard drive space when not in use.

In the release notes, Apple indicates that Dropbox and OneDrive are coming up with alternatives. Dropbox states that a Dropbox beta version will be available in March of this year to fix the problem.

Microsoft OneDrive goes into detail. In its documentation, the tech giant says it will use Apple’s File Provider extensions in future versions of OneDrive. These will allow the feature to function in macOS 12.1 and later versions.

Other functionality in macOS 12.3

Aside from removing the kernel extension, the macOS 12.3 beta offers new functionality in the field of security. Apple also added support for Universal Control, which makes it easier to work on different Macs and iPads simultaneously.